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Valhalla Mountain Touring – Get into lodge life

The alpine terrain in the North Valhallas does not disappoint! A few areas frequented on guided trips through VMT’s tenure include Grizzly Meadows, Rugged Peak, and Big Sister Mountain, all of which offer alpine runs averaging 600 meters.⁠

Getting there:

Heli in? Pack like a weight weenie? Nah. Better to take VMT’s trusty steed to their comfy lodge at 1720m. Sits a full crew comfortably and no hard decisions about whether to bring that extra set of skis, beer, change of long underwear, or whatever life project you think you’ll get to on that week away. Yup, pack it all!⁠

Short on time, but dreaming of pristine alpine powder? Us too. VVMT offers options for 3 or 4 night trips on some of their guided/catered ski weeks! Who could say no to that?!? ⁠

Available dates include: March 14-17 or March 17-21. Check out to find out more. ⁠

Your family or pod looking to step away into backcountry bliss?

There is a 10% discount for Kootenay Locals for 2020/21.

Plan ahead and book your backcountry powder vacay for 2022.

Located near Hills, BC
(604) 848-1462

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📷 Ken Etzel