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From the North

Revelstoke, Shelter Bay, Nakusp & Beyond

A road trip from Revelstoke to Nakusp and beyond into the Arrow Lakes and Slocan Valley region in British Columbia offers stunning mountain scenery, charming towns, and outdoor adventures along the way. Here’s what you might experience:

Starting in Revelstoke

Revelstoke is a picturesque mountain town known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including world-class skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Before you hit the road, you might want to explore some of the attractions in Revelstoke, such as the Revelstoke Railway Museum or take a ride up the Revelstoke Mountain Resort Gondola for breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Driving South on Highway 23

As you leave Revelstoke, you’ll head south on Highway 23, which follows the Columbia River. The drive offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding mountains. Keep an eye out for wildlife along the way, as this area is home to deer, bears, eagles, and more. A reminder to keep yourself and wildlife safe by learning how to mitigate human-wildlife conflict. Visit to learn more.

Ferry Crossing at Shelter Bay

After about an hour of driving, you’ll arrive at Shelter Bay, where you’ll catch a ferry across Upper Arrow Lake. The ferry ride is a scenic journey in itself, with views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The ferry is free and runs on the hour from Shelter Bay from 5am-12am.

Arriving in Nakusp

Once you arrive in Nakusp, you’ll find yourself in a charming small town nestled on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake. Nakusp is known for its local hot springs, the Nakusp Hot Springs, which are a perfect place to relax after a long day of driving. You can also explore the town’s shops, cafes, and art galleries, or take a stroll along the waterfront. Check out our page on things to see and do in Nakusp!

Outdoor adventures

Nakusp and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. You can go hiking or mountain biking in the nearby mountains, paddleboarding or kayaking on the lake, or fishing in one of the many nearby rivers and streams.


Overall, a road trip from Revelstoke to Nakusp is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the Arrow Lakes and Slocan Valley region, with stunning scenery, charming towns, and plenty of outdoor adventure along the way. Here are some recommendations to make the best of your next road trip:

🚗 Roads: Check before & during your travels.⁠

🗺️ Navigation: Have a reliable GPS and maps on hand.⁠

⛽ Fuel Up: Keep your gas tank full, especially in remote areas.⁠

🌧️ Weather Check: Monitor weather conditions.⁠

👪 Emergency Contacts: Share your itinerary with someone.⁠