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Stakeholder Information

About the Arrow Slocan Tourism Association (ASTA)

Arrow Slocan Tourism Association is a marketing partnership between the Regional District Central Kootenay Areas H and K and the included villages of Nakusp, New Denver, Silverton and Slocan. By working together under the banner of Arrow Slocan Tourism, our communities seek to together elevate the region as a whole, promoting it to potential visitors.

We are excited to collect comments and suggestions from stakeholders around our region. We will be using your input to continuously work on improving the existing Arrow Slocan brand and increase the effectiveness of our destination marketing initiatives.

Destination marketing is always most effective when it is industry-driven. By contributing, you will be helping us assemble the elements we need to create great marketing campaigns, and influence the future of tourism in the Arrow Slocan region.

Thank you for being an active part of Arrow Slocan Tourism!

Strategic Direction

Vision: The Arrow Slocan tourism region is known for its incredible nature and year-round recreational opportunities, as well as rich history and culture. Tourism growth respects community values and, in turn, the sector is respected as an important contributor to economic vitality and community vibrancy.

Mission: The mission of the Arrow Slocan Tourism is to support and market the region as a destination in a sustainable manner that strengthens the local economy and enriches quality of life. Arrow Slocan Tourism strategically invests resources in destination marketing programs that will:

  • Increase awareness of, and intention to travel to, the Slocan Valley and Arrow Lakes as a year-round, overnight destination of choice in identified target markets.
  • Grow overnight visitation in need periods (winter/autumn/spring).
  • Increase average visitor yield and length of stay at all times of year.
  • Connect local businesses that service travelers with training and education opportunities to support their delivery of remarkable experiences.
  • Establish relationships and partnerships within and beyond the area that are mutually beneficial and respectful.

Goals and Objectives: Arrow Slocan Tourism has identified the following measurable objectives for the five-year period from 2019 – 2024.

  • Growth in shoulder season visitation (winter, fall, spring).
  • Increase in number of businesses lengthening their season and hours of operation.
  • Increase the average length of stay of visitors.
  • Increase in average yield per visitor.
  • Growth in annual MRDT collected.

Stakeholder Eligibility

What is a stakeholder?

All businesses and organizations that make a direct economic contribution to the Arrow Lakes and Slocan Valley region (geographical boundaries of Area H & K of the Regional District of Central Kootenay) through tourism and meet the accreditation requirements as outlined in the stakeholder eligibility form are considered to be stakeholders and are eligible to participate in co-op funded programs on a cost-shared basis.

Tourism Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations, Municipalities and the Regional District will also be considered stakeholders.

Stakeholders must be:

  1. Located within Areas H and K of the Regional District of Central Kootenay
  2. Membership in this Society as a Voting Stakeholder is open to all businesses that benefit directly or indirectly from tourism or visitor traffic in communities located within the designated Arrow Slocan tourism region.
  3. Membership to the Society as a Non-voting Stakeholder is open to all businesses, individuals, organizations and associations located within or outside the Arrow Slocan Tourism region.
  4. A business, individual, organization or association may apply to the Board for membership in the Society, and becomes a member after:
    1. the Board’s acceptance of the application; and
    2. payment of yearly membership dues is received by Arrow Slocan Tourism Association.
  5. The Society shall have the following categories of membership:
    1. Voting stakeholders (“Voting Stakeholders”); and
    2. Non-voting stakeholders (“Non-Voting Stakeholders”)

Voting Stakeholders shall include:

a) all Businesses that benefit directly or indirectly from tourism or visitor traffic in communities located within the designated Arrow Slocan tourism region; and those
b) who are admitted to the Society and remain in good standing with the Society

Non-voting Stakeholders shall include:

a) those businesses, individuals, organizations or associations who are not admissible to the Society as Voting Stakeholders; and those
b) who are admitted to the Society and remain in good standing with the Society

Non-voting Stakeholders shall not be Voting Stakeholders in the Society and shall be entitled to limited privileges only, excluding voting, as the Society prescribes from time to time.

Member Benefits

  • Get listed in our website’s business directory. Check out the categories: ‘Where to Stay’, ‘Where to Eat’, ‘Made Here’.
  • Get listed under the website’s ‘Book a Trip’ section – this is one of the website’s most viewed pages!
  • Let us help you promote your upcoming event.
  • We love to share your content on our social media – tag @visitarrowslocan on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to promotion of tourism related events
  • Opportunity for consumer newsletter mentions
  • Recognized as a Travel Media Partner for Potential Press Trips and Travel Media Visits
  • Social Media Support 
  • Use of Assets (images +video)
  • Mentions and Direct Links in Blogs
  • Connections to additional resources
  • Be involved in our advertising and marketing campaigns that promote the region and our tourism sectors.

Email: to find out more. Register for our stakeholder newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay up to date.

Support for Stakeholders

ASTA actively markets the region through social media and shares “know before you go” messaging with current and prospective travellers. Through these various channels, we’re able to encourage travellers to consider activities and tours, to travel with safety in mind, and to visit new areas that are ready to welcome them.

ASTA’s social media channels are powered by user-generated content; we look at what businesses, residents and travellers are currently posting and request permission to share these images. This means we’re always on the lookout for images and videos that will help us meet the mission of encouraging responsible travel. As a business, you can help support the tourism industry in your area and help us amplify the offerings you have for the guests.

Please download and refer to our Social Media Amplification Toolkit to understand what we look for in user-generated content and also to help guide you on how best to amplify your social media content.

Event Sponsorship

Funding closed for 2024.

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