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New Denver, Silverton & Sandon

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Together the tight-knit communities of New Denver and Silverton really have it all.

Historical Grandeur and Ghost Town Gateway

The paired villages of New Denver and Silverton are nestled on the shores of east Slocan Lake and framed by the stunning peaks of the Selkirk Mountain Range. Both communities boast carefully restored historical downtowns with a variety of boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. Quaint neighbourhood streets are lined with charming heritage homes and lead to plentiful public parks and beaches.

The 650 colourful characters that call these extraordinary townships home, still believe in small town hospitality and are the legend tellers of years gone by.


For those looking for the full heritage experience, the world renowned Ghost Town of Sandon is just 13 Km east of New Denver. In its heyday, Sandon was known as the “Heart of the Silvery Slocan”. The booming mining town was outfitted with saloons, ski hill, sports arena and over 5000 prosperous inhabitants. Now, visitors can allow their imaginations to run wild as they explore the original City Hall built in 1900, the Powerhouse, a fleet of trolley buses and other hidden relics still untouched by time. The Sandon Museum is an exploration’s worth of history in one building.

Arriving and Exploring

New Denver and Silverton are connected by a scenic 5-minute drive and are just 40 minutes south from Nakusp. Once you arrive in either community, the best discoveries are found on foot as each village can be walked in their entirety in under an hour. New Denver is home to most of these two communities’ amenities.

Living History

A hub for history buffs, New Denver is home to the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre and Kohan Reflection Garden. These experiential museums invite guests to connect with the stories of the 22,000 Japanese Canadians who were forcibly relocated during World War II.

In New Denver, the Silvery Slocan Museum is located in the 100 year old former Bank of Montreal building on Main Street and features exhibits of the area’s heritage.

Silverton brings to life the fortune seekers and hardworking miners of the region’s mineral rich past. In the old schoolhouse is the 104 year old Interpretive Centre, Silverton Gallery and Outdoor Mining Museum. Fingland Cabin, the restored blacksmith shop, is across the street.

Adventure Seekers

Exploration knows no bounds near New Denver and Silverton. Hiking in Valhalla Provincial Park and surrounding area offer unparalleled access to pristine nature, old growth forest and wildlife. The expansive Slocan Lake just begs to be paddled or sailed. Cyclists of all types will find adventure on the road, or on cross country and downhill trails. The nearby Rails Trails offer a walk or ride through the region’s mining past.

Culture Lovers

Nuru Coffee Bar in New Denver offers the same charm as the village’s other heritage buildings. Camp Cafe in Silverton is the place to stop for breakfast, coffee and backed treats. Find locally made art and goods – the perfect place to find something to bring home with you from Arrow Slocan.

The Hills Garlic Festival is now located in New Denver and is a discovery for all 5 senses.

Places to Stay

In New Denver The Valhalla Inn  and Adventure Domes offer charming rooms a short walk away from museums, parks, beaches and restaurants.

In Silverton,  William Hunter Cabins provide clean, quaint and well appointed private log cabins close to all amenities and activities.

The Centennial Campground is located right in New Denver near the lake. Various other camping options are available in both communities. Air BnB also offers a range of options.

Visit our accommodation listings for more information.

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