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Backcountry Skiing

The Gateway to Big Terrain and Deep Powder.

Legendary West Kootenay winters deliver heaps of snow to the mountains that cradle the region. Arrow Slocan’s quiet waterfront communities are the gateway to untracked terrain and cozy backcountry lodges. Choose from tall mountain peaks, alpine bowls and couloirs or naturally gladed skiing.

Arrow Slocan is home to the Monashee Mountains, as well as Selkirk Range that includes both the Valhalla and Valkyr Ranges. The region’s four backcountry lodges each have access to unique terrain in remote locations. Need a guide to show you the goods? We have that too.

Valhalla Mountain Touring

(604) 848-1462

The snowcat accessed 14 person lodge is located at an elevation of 1720 meters to the west of Hills, BC in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, just north of Valhalla Provincial Park.

Over 19,000 skiable acres of alpine bowls, glades and chutes are just a skin track away from the lodge, allowing a new adventure every day of the trip. The peaks and ridges soar to 2500 meters providing for continuous descents of over 800 meters back down to the lodge. Enjoy the 360 views of the Bugaboos, Kokanee Glacier, rugged South Valhallas and many other majestic Selkirk Peaks.

VMT offer guided and catered backcountry adventures in winter and summer.

Valkyr Adventures

(250) 269-7237

Three unique lodges are accessed by helicopter and located in the Valkyr Mountain Range near Burton, BC.

Hilda Hut, Valkyr and the LQ Outpost backcountry lodges are all dotted within Valkyr Adventures’ tenure. Valkyr Adventures offer guided and catered or self-guided and un-catered adventures for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

  • Valkyr Lodge (elevation 2,208 meters) is located on Naumulten Mountain and features a selection of alpine and open treeline skiing in 8 unique ski zones on 3 peaks, covering over 4,000 hectares of spectacular backcountry ski terrain.
  • Hilda Hut (elevation 1920 meters) is located on Mount Hilda and features steep open and technical treed terrain, large alpine features and long challenging ski tours. Includes three mountains and over 4,000 hectares of terrain.
  • LQ Outpost (elevation 2,200 meters) is located on Mount Lequereux and features open alpine and steep old growth glades. Ski terrain is primarily advanced on all aspects of Lequereux, with moderate terrain toward the east flank of Mount Hilda.


Looking to explore elsewhere in the region? There is always the option to hire a certified guide.

Arctos Guides

(778) 802-9155

Arctos Guides is based in Slocan, BC and operates in the Valhalla, Kokanee and Goat Ranges – all the sub-ranges of the Selkirk and Columbia Mountains. Certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, they offer winter ski touring services.

Important to Know

Travel into the backcountry has its inherent risks. Proper gear and training are required to play safe. Choose a certified professional guide or operator for your adventure.

Backcountry lodge trips and ski tour guided adventures require a confident intermediate to advanced level of skiing or snowboarding ability with experience in deep powder. Individual operators can provide advice and guidance on what will work for you.