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Mountain Biking

Anywhere else you’re just spinning your wheels. Mountain biking is a three season staple in Arrow Slocan.

Arrow Slocan is chock full of mountain biking options. Where else will you find hand-built mountain bike trails and over 100 km of stunning rail trails.

Mt. Abriel is a booming mountain bike destination near Nakusp, complete with multiple trails, a campground, bike park, and shelters. Rail trails run almost the entire length of the corridor between Nakusp and Crescent Valley beside lakes, rivers and through multiple communities. Sol Mountain Lodge offers backcountry bike adventures right from their full service lodge. Purpose built adaptive trails cater to aMTB riders. Bring your wheels, stay and explore a while.

Mountain Biking Areas

Looking for a bit of heart pounding adventure? A number of trail networks are dotted throughout the region and ready for downhill enthusiasts.

Trail conditions change. Get more beta with the Trailforks app.

Don’t forget to donate to the operating bike society. The volunteers who make the trails great need donations to offset the cost of maintenance.

Trail donations for Mt Abriel and Box Lake mountain biking trails can be made through the Nakusp Bike Society’s web page.

Trail donations for Sandon, Idaho Peak and Rosebery can be made to the North Slocan Trail Society at their Sandon donation box (K&S station) or by e-transfer to:

Mt Abriel, Nakusp

Mt Abriel includes a mountain biking trail network and lake access recreation site with camping. The trail system is located a convenient 8 km from Nakusp and headed up by the Nakusp and Area Bike Society.

The network includes adaptive mountain biking trails, bike park, cross country and downhill trails, as well as jump lines. With 48 trails spread over 40 km, it’s hard to imagine a more diverse trail network. The newest addition, ‘Ride On’ is a 1100 meter machine built decent.

Arrow Lakes Adventures offers a water transfer from Nakusp to Mt Abriel. Get a scenic shuttle to the trails, then apres on the boat with a BBQ and beer during your sunset ride home.

Rosebery Trail Network

The network includes six trails over 41 km. ‘Butter’ is a classic blue. When connected with Spine Trail it creates a 1060 meter descent with stunning views of Valhalla Provincial Park and Slocan Lake. Connect with Rolling Thunder cross country mountain biking trail for a solid day of riding and even more vertical.

Book a stay at the Rosebery Provincial Park to be biking distance from the action or stay in nearby New Denver.

Box Lake Trail Network

This 30 km trail network offers a climb trail combined with logging road ascent to find your way to the top of the nine trail mountain biking network. Expect hand built trails with some fun features including natural rock drops and rolls.

Camp at Box Lake Recreation Site or stay in nearby Nakusp.

Idaho Peak and area

This 59 km network offers the recreational rider some long wagon road climbs and descents, while downhill enthusiasts enjoy Choices or the 1500 meter Wakefield decent. Make sure to soak up the views from Idaho Peak after the climb.

Stay in nearby Silverton or New Denver for easy trail access.

Backcountry Terrain

Sol Mountain Lodge is located deep in the Monashee Mountain Range. Access is via 4WD drive from either Nakusp or Revelstoke.

The winter of ski touring transitions to trail season by August 1st. The extensive trail network is paradise for hikers and bikers. Bag some peaks, swim in tarn lakes, and ride the single track over flowing terrain into the excitement of the downhill.

Full lodge rentals are available for your group, as are a catered and guided lodge experience that can be booked by the night. Hire a guide to get you to the best spots.

Family Friendly Trails

The rail trails run north-south up the Slocan Valley to Nakusp and east to Three Forks. These scenic bikeways showcase incredible, only-in-Arrow Slocan scenery away from highways, past wilderness wonders, next to roaring rivers and through charming communities. No part of the rail trail is just like the other, why not experience them all?

Slocan Valley Rail Trail is a non-motorized 52 km trail following the contours the Slocan River. The trail makes its way from Slocan Lake in the north, towards the Kootenay River in the south, with multiple entry and exit areas. The rail line was built by the Nakusp & Slocan Railway in the 1880s.

Nakusp & Slocan (N&S) Rail Trail connects the 46 km from Rosebery to Nakusp. The rail line was built by the Nakusp & Slocan Rail Company in 1893. The trail climbs gently from Nakusp to Summit Lake and then descends to Rosebery, where it connects with the Galena Trail. A motorized by-pass is being planned for one section of this trail.
* Trail conditions on the N&S change by season. There are wet sections that can be impassable in spring. Various projects are underway to improve trail conditions. Check Trailforks for up to date information.

Galena Trail is a popular 13 km section from Rosebery to Three Forks that passes by New Denver. The rail line was built by the Nakusp & Slocan (N&S) Railway in 1895. The 11.5 km section between New Denver and Three Forks can be combined with the 8 km Old Sandon Road Trail for a loop between the two locations.

Kaslo & Slocan (K&S) Rail Trail follows the path of the historic K&S Railroad for just over 7 km. It can be ridden from the Three Forks end (steep climb) or the preferred Sandon trailhead at the replica railroad station for a family friendly beginning section, then a fun decent. There are historical markers and mountain views along the way. The trail can be combined with the Cody Spur near Sandon for a longer ride.

Mt Abriel is a favourite for families. With mountain biking trails to suit every ability level, every family member is sure to find what they are looking for. The close proximity to the recreation site makes supervised trail exploration easy with young riders. Plus, adults can get out for a ride without staying away from basecamp too long.

Adaptive Trails

Arrow Slocan has purpose built aMTB trails and rail trails that are also enjoyable for adaptive mountain bike riders. Check out:

  • Mt Abriel, Nakusp
  • Spine Trail, Rosebery
  • The numerous regional rail trails – check our map!

Support the trails

Buy a trail membership:

The trails are built and maintained by volunteers. Please give back to the experience by purchasing a membership or making a donation.

Need some gear?

Need a bike mechanic?

Shon’s Bike and Ski in Nakusp is your Arrow Slocan stop to get your bike repairs done right.