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Adventure Pro


Jessa – Adventure Pro

For Jessa, adventure isn’t the only thing, it’s everything.

If it glides, rides or flies, Jessa probably knows the best places in Arrow Slocan to do it. Working as a backcountry ski guide in the winter means Jessa is truly acquainted with the Arrow Slocan’s hidden spots and local secrets.

Piles of Powder

She’s ridden all over the world, but the peaks and people of Arrow Slocan keep bringing Jessa back home. Valhalla Mountain Touring,  Ice Creek LodgeSol Mountain Lodge, and Valkyr Adventures each have their own distinct personality, though united by one thing – untouched powder. For Jessa, it’s heading out from the lodge into the backcountry brings the rush of adventure with the quiet simplicity of the mountains.

When she is looking for an easy access powder stash, Jessa heads over to Summit Lake Ski Hill to shred some groomers or take on the steeps of ‘Widowmaker’ or “Suicide’ ski runs. Friday nights are a special adventure because the hill gets lit up for night skiing.

Summit Lake Ski Hill - Nakusp - New Denver
Dropping in at Summit Lake Ski Hill

All Downhill from Here

The snow melting has absolutely nothing to do with slowing down. Spring opens up the many mountain bike trails found in Arrow Slocan. Access to alpine views, fields of wildflowers and endless miles of track and jumps. Jessa always plans to kick off her season at Mt. Abriel, warming up on ‘Rhys’ Peaces’ with a visit to the bench swing. When ready, she tackles the climb and over 7 km flowy decent of ‘Ride On’. With the recreation site right there, why not make a weekend adventure of it?

While Jessa might lean on the fearless side of life, she appreciates that Arrow Slocan has trails for every skill level. The Galena Trails have green runs, especially the New Denver to Three Forks area. These can make for a great day out with friends or family – why not take a picnic lunch? For Jessa, cruising along the waterfront, getting out on a bike is the best way to explore the area and take it all in.

Decompression Sessions

If the adage ‘work hard, play hard’ is true, then ‘play hard, relax harder’ must have been refined by Jessa and her friends. She has relaxation down to a science. To unwind from the latest advneture, Jessa swears by a pint of handcrafted Ginger Apple Cider at Burton City Cider followed by a refreshing dip in Arrow Lake then a long, luxurious soak in the Nakusp or Halcyon Hot Springs to finish on a serene note.

Unwind from adventure at Halcyon Hot Springs.
Unwind from adventure at Halcyon Hot Springs.

The Long & Winding Road

If there’s one thing Jessa’s learned living here, it’s that another adventure is just around the next highway bend. Whether friends are visiting from across the pond or just down the road, Jessa always recommends a road trip adventure start and end the same way: to-go coffees from Mountain Top Coffee in Nakusp and arriving early enough to watch the sunset over the Needles cable ferry. Her one rule? Remember your to-go cup and bring your camera!

Local Stories

Explore like a local and visit as if Arrow Slocan is a second home. Relaxation is your goal? Outdoor adventure? Immerse in arts and culture or dig into Arrow Slocan’s deep rooted past. Whatever your choice may be, let this local intel guide your trip…