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Mountain Top Coffee in Nakusp, BC in Arrow Slocan

Arrow Slocan Cafes – where to find the local gems

Arrow Slocan is a long way from box stores and chain coffee shops. Locally curated coffee stops, cafes, homemade baked goods and meals are instead what greets visitors to the region.

Bring your to-go mug and appetite, the Arrow Slocan cafe scene does not disappoint! Each spot is unique, with its own character, style and local scene. Make sure to plan ahead so you don’t miss a single delicious sip so deserving of being savoured.

From north to south, here is our coffee and treat lovers guide to making the most of Arrow Slocan.

Mountain Top Coffee Co

The newest addition to the Nakusp coffee scene, Mountain Top Coffee host their own brand of beans. They are also making their mark through their PH Enhancer brew additive that turns your morning cup from acidic to alkaline. The idea being that, with alkaline coffee the energy is more sustainable, it’s not as hard on teeth enamel, doesn’t cause heartburn, reduces muscle soreness, and has less caffeine than regular coffee. So go on, have that second cup. If you forget your to-go mug, they also have a line of spiffy merch on hand.

Find them:
109 Broadway St W, Nakusp
(250) 265-0114

What’s Brewing on Broadway

The original coffee shop stable in Nakusp. What’s Brewing serves Kicking Horse Coffee, a plethora of baked goods and a selection of breakfast items to get you on your merry way smiling. Looking for lunch? They have options for that too. With a few tables and chairs available outside, it’s easy to enjoy Nakusp’s main street with a coffee in hand.

Find them:
420 Broadway St W, Nakusp
(250) 265-4701

Nuru Coffee Bar

Located just after the turnoff onto Highway 31A that heads to Kaslo, Nuru is both a convenient and welcome stop when in New Denver. This coffee bar has been around for well over 15 years and deservedly made its reputation for great espresso, baked goods, light meals and locally made products and art. All the baking in done in house, including their famous Saturday cinnamon buns.

Find them:
513 6 Ave, New Denver

Nuru Coffee Bar is a great cafe located in New Denver.
Nuru Coffee Bar, New Denver.

Camp Cafe

There is a reason Camp can sell out of its baked goods daily. Every day offers a new assortment of made in-house baked delights to choose from, as well as a selection of to-go breakfast items. Pair these with a classic expresso or one of their unique hot or cold beverages, such as a blue lavender latte. This is also a great place to pick up beautiful local handcrafts.

Find them:
#206 Lake Avenue, Silverton
(780) 660-3784

Camp Cafe is in the heritage town of Silverton.
Camp Cafe in the heritage town of Silverton.

Flaca’s Bistro

With a few seats inside, a covered porch area and garden seating, Flaca’s has a sweet local scene that spreads out onto the grass enjoying the coffee and food. Homemade baked goods and a variety of lunch options, make this the local staple for easy and delicious food and coffee. A short walk from the sandy beach and the local store, it’s the perfect stop before any excursion.

Find them:
509 Harold St, Slocan 
(250) 355-2433

The Valley Kitchen

Starting as a cooperative commercial kitchen, the Valley Kitchen began their ‘pop-up’ cafes to share local food with local folks. Due to the wild popularity of these events, the pop up cafe become permanent and a Sunday staple for the community. In summer, find most of Winlaw sprawled in the grass outside socializing. With a few seats inside, there are winter seating options as well. Each Sunday is a new collection of baked treats, savoury and sweet. The expresso machine serves up the coffee of your choice.

Find them:
5770 Cedar Creek Rd, Winlaw
(250) 226-6709

Treats at Camp Cafe in Silverton.
Treats at Camp Cafe.

Mama Sita’s Cafe

The hub of vibrant Winlaw, Mama Sita’s is the local hang out. Get a coffee in the morning, breakfast, lunch or dinner – this all day stop even hosts live music some evenings. Amble seating inside and out, the casual dining options also include beer, wine and other beverage service.

Find them:
5709 Hwy 6, Winlaw
(250) 226-7070

Frog Peak cafe has funky decor.
Frog Peak Cafe’s funky decor.

Frog Peak Cafe

Conveniently located at the base of the Slocan Valley, Frog Peak is the breakfast stop of choice if passing anywhere near Playmor Junction. That, or if you have a love for delicious eggs bennys… Opened in 2005, this cafe serves breakfast until 2pm every day of the week. With lots of indoor and outdoor patio seating, there are a variety of options to enjoy a meal. In a rush? Stop in and grab a coffee, baked good or one of their many to-go items. Don’t forget to enjoy the local art adorned walls and funky decor. Cruiser bikes are also available to rent, so enjoy a Slocan Valley Rail Trail ride with your visit.

Find them:
1418 BC-6, Crescent Valley
(250) 359-7261