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Top Family Friendly Hikes in Arrow Slocan

Arrow Slocan is a hikers paradise, even for those with small adventurers in tow. Read on to find hikes the whole family will enjoy.

Views are one of best rewards hiking offers. When exploring around Nakusp and Arrow Lakes, hikes reveal views of not only Arrow Lakes, but also the surrounding Selkirk and Monashee Ranges. Slocan Valley hikes let wanders find special spots along Slocan Lake and River, as well as views west into the Valhalla and Slocan Ranges, east into the Purcell Mountains, and north-east into the Goat Range.

The whole region has a collection of stunning off-highway viewpoints, easy to access outdoor recreation and historical locations. Choosing where to go is the biggest challenge! For more ideas on where to stop, see the Arrow Slocan road trip itineraries.

Looking for more ideas? Find info on regional hikes to explore through this website’s ‘trip planning’ section.

Here are the top places to stop on your next family visit:

1. Best Paved Walkway

The waterfront walkway of Nakusp is a level, paved pathway that winds through a beautiful Japanese Garden and past the Nakusp Public Marina. With benches, shade trees and swimming area, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy Arrow Lakes and mountain views.

Nakusp Walkway is an enjoyable paved lakefront pathway close to the downtown.

2. Shortest Hike with a View

Vicky’s View is an easy to access and spectacular viewpoint close to town. Vicky’s View is reached via the Kuskanax Mountain Road. A short walk through the forest is rewarded with awesome views of Nakusp, Monashee and Valhalla Ranges, as well as Upper Arrow lake.

The view of Nakusp and surrounding area from Vicky’s View.

3. Easiest to Find Old Growth Trees

Cedar Grove Trail is a gentle half kilometer loop through a stand of majestic old growth Western Red Cedar trees. The walk is conveniently located just past the Nakusp Hot Springs – take a dip and a stroll all in one day.

4. Most Impressive Trail Architecture

Kimbol Lake Trail crosses the impressive, covered Kuskanax Creek wooden footbridge just a short walk from the trail start near Nakusp Hot Springs. The trail continues through cedar and hemlock forests along the southern slope of the Kuskanax Creek valley to the sub alpine lake. The easy/moderate trail is 4km each direction. Since this is an out and back trail, choose your distance by turning around at any time.

The Kuskanax Creek footbridge at Nakusp Hot Springs.

5. Shortest Walk after a Swim

Box Lake Trail is an easy 1.3km loop that provides a gentle walk through a second growth cedar and hemlock forest. Cool off with a swim at the Box Lake beach near the campsite.

6. Best Heritage Trail

The Galena Trail is a 13 km section of old CPR rail line that runs from Rosebery to Three Forks. It makes for excellent hiking and mountain biking. Carpenter Creek can be crossed at the old Alamo mine site by a small cable car. (The cable car is currently under repair – estimated date of completion is Fall 2021)

7. Best River Views & Swimming Spots

Slocan Valley Rail Trail is part of the former CPR line, this trail extends over 45 km from Slocan in the north, all the way down the Slocan Valley. This is non-motorized trail is commonly used for hiking or biking with multiple trailheads for access along the way.

A cyclist on Slocan Valley Rail trail near Winlaw, BC.

8. Easiest to Access Backcountry Hike

Wilson Creek Falls is an easy 2.4 km round trip trail that is reached after a 11.5 km up the East Wilson Creek FSR near Rosebery. Located in Goat Range Provincial Park, Wilson Creek Falls plunges 63 meters down into a rocky canyon. The access road is typically passable with most vehicle aside from the last Km. However, road and trail conditions change. Be prepared and research conditions before you leave. There is no cell coverage in this area.

A visitor enjoys Wilson Creek Falls near Rosebery, BC.

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