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Arrow Lakes

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Enjoy the endless opportunities and unexpected secrets of Arrow Lakes.

Boaters Playground

Between the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges is the Arrow Lakes reservoir, a 240 km waterway perfect for boating, swimming and camping. Known as one of the top boating lakes in BC, the shoreline is dotted with both provincial parks and recreational boat access campsites.

Arrow Lakes is divided into two sections – Upper Arrow Lake and Lower Arrow Lake. These were the two natural widenings of the Columbia River connect by 23 km of river before the reservoir was formed. The Arrow Lakes became one body of water with the 1960’s construction of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam. The connecting section between the two lakes is still known as ‘the Narrows’.

Always Growing

A local secret, the Arrow Lakes region has incredible arable land and rich soil, attracting agriculture enthusiasts, organic hobby farms and orchards alike. Now home to Valley of the Springs Winery, a number of other grape farms and Burton City Cider, the revitalization of agriculture is creating a burgeoning industry in the Arrow Lakes region. Don’t miss out on sampling the goods at local tasting rooms or at the Nakusp Farmers Market.

The Perfect Perch

When in Burton, if you look up, you will notice many osprey nests perched on the tops of power poles. The ospreys return to the nests every spring to raise their young. Better bring binoculars!

Getting Out on the Water

Designed to help you choose your own adventure, in region boat launch facilities for Arrow Lakes exist at McDonald Creek, Edgewood Park, Fauquier Park, Burton Historical Park, Eagle Bay and Nakusp. Check water levels before heading out. Not all facilities are usable when Arrow Lakes reaches low water levels.

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Endless Camping

Provincial park enthusiasts will find themselves in a veritable cornucopia of offerings, with four distinct provincial park sites throughout the reservoir:

  • Burton
  • Eagle Creek
  • Fauquier
  • McDonald Creek

Burton Historical Park on the edge of Burton offers all the amenities you could hope for. Tukaluk Campground close to Fauquier has options for tents and RVs.

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A Taste of Luxury

For those looking for a break from camp stoves and outhouses, Arrow Lakes Motel in Fauquier and Rock Island Resort in Arrow Park offer additional comforts and amenities. A number of Air BnB accommodations are available along Arrow Lakes.