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Arrow Slocan is home to three riding areas for snowmobiling – Harlow Mountain, Ingersol and the Norns, Ladybird and Goose Creek areas near the junction.

Snowmobiling enthusiasts will be right at home in Nakusp. Two popular areas are at the heart of the snowmobiling community in the area – Harlow and Ingersol.

The Arrow Lake Ridge Riders snowmobile club maintains these trails. Purchase a Club membership before heading out.

The Castlegar Snowmobile Association grooms over 70 kms of trails throughout the Norns, Ladybird & Goose Creek areas. A day pass or membership is required for entry to these areas and includes use of the  Shaw, Ladybird, and Frosty’s cabins.

Harlow Mountain

This is one of Nakusp’s most popular snowmobiling areas. The simple to access, family friendly trail is a 17 km groomed logging road surrounded by high, beautiful mountains. If the conditions are right, sledders can drop into No Man’s Land One and No Man’s Land Two to enjoy an untapped wonderland of pristine scenery.


This 25 km groomed trail is accessed via the Arrow Park ferry and old logging roads. Terrain is varied from easy to extreme. Riders who scale the trail are able to access the Arrow Lake Ridge Riders sizeable lodge. The cabin comfortably seats a dozen people and is equipped with a diesel generator and large deck.

Norns, Goose Creek & Ladybird

Groomed trails are accessed by two main staging areas comprising of, Goose Creek and Ladybird forest service roads.

Goose Creek is considered more family oriented with a groomed trail right to the alpine. Parking on Goose Creek consists of two lots – a smaller lower lot and a much larger lot further on. The smaller lot is for those hauling trailers.

Ladybird is the more advanced snowmobiling area. Parking is located three kilometres up the Ladybird forest service road.

Both snowmobiling areas have warm up cabins supplied with firewood and a barbecue to cook up lunch and just take a break out of the cold.

The Castlegar Snowmobile Association maintain these areas. Purchase a membership before heading out.

Know before you go

Learn more about the Cariboo closure areas in the riding areas surrounding Nakusp.

Access to the closed or management areas is granted through exemption permits to two local snowmobile Clubs and their members – Arrow Lake Ridge Riders and Trout Lake Recreational Club. Riders must become a member of one of the two Clubs prior to access and also log-on and view the web map daily before riding. The web map tells members which exempted areas they have access to each day. Closed zones within the management area are determined by caribou GPS collar transmission locations.

Find more information on operational practices around Cariboo.

If outside of established riding areas, do your research and ask locally where to ride to avoid impacting ski operations.

Backcountry safety – follow best practices

  1. Complete professionally led avalanche training.
  2. Have appropriate backcountry and local knowledge.
  3. Carry avalanche safety and backcountry equipment needed for self rescue.
  4. Never ride alone.