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Southern Slocan Valley

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South Slocan, the southern most portion of the Slocan Valley rises from the river’s edge.

Life on the Riverside

South Slocan’s river-connected communities of Crescent Valley, Slocan Park and Passmore offer the ease of valley life between mountain ranges that rise on either valley edge. From a casual afternoon along the river to an ambitious mountaineering expedition, there’s something for everyone in this stretch of Arrow Slocan.

Curving into Crescent Valley

Crescent Valley is 24 km from Nelson and 120 km from Nakusp. Once you arrive in Crescent Valley, the close communities of Slocan Park and Passmore are within a 10 minute drive, or a 60 minute cycle on the mostly flat Slocan Valley Rail Trail that skirts the river’s banks.

Easy River Adventures

The accessible nature of the Crescent Valley, Slocan Park and Passmore region make it incredibly easy to explore by river, foot or cycle!

The Slocan River is renowned for summer relaxation, with multiple access points from Passmore through Slocan Park. Historic river bridges dating back to early 1900s provide access to communities on either side. Crescent Beach is a popular South Slocan spot for sun lovers.

Endless Adventures at the Crescent Valley trailhead rents stand up paddleboards, kayaks and river tubes alongside guided rafting trips.

Entry to the Extraordinary

Just past Slocan Park is Passmore is road access to the spectacular mountain playground of Little Slocan Lakes, Drinnon Pass and much of the strikingly beautiful Valhalla Provincial Park. Ample opportunities exist throughout for hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing.

The Passmore entrance to the Valhalla Mountain Range is a one lane, green metal bridge. If you’re lucky, you might just catch the Slocan Valley ‘traffic jam’ with a few cars, a couple of kids on bikes and even a horse and rider waiting their turn to cross.

Walking, Cycling, Skiing

The Slocan Valley Rail Trail begins in south Slocan at Crescent Valley, offering 52km of easily navigated trail. A former rail line, the trail is mostly flat with very slight inclines and is groomed for nordic skiing in the winter. The trail runs adjacent to the Slocan River providing views and river access along the route.

Southern Slocan Culinary Culture

The creative spirit of Arrow Slocan shines through at the one-of-a-kind Frog Peak Cafe in Crescent Valley. A renovated house turned bustling art-diner features a chainsaw-sculpted Bigfoot brandishing a peace sign, brightly coloured murals along its front fence and a Volkswagen van photo booth amongst other countless artistic treasures.

Offering fresh, locally inspired modern breakfasts, lunches and coffee, Frog Peak is a community staple of south Slocan. The experience is completed with a collection of cruiser bikes available to use for free (with a security deposit) to cycle on the nearby Rail Trail.