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Family Road Trippers

The Jensen’s

The Jensen’s – Family Road Trippers

The best things in life aren’t things – it’s a road trip!

After coming out to Arrow Slocan for a friend’s wedding a few years ago, the Jensen’s got hooked. There’s something about the mix of city accoutrements and rural sensibility that keeps them coming back time and again. With two kids under five in tow, they divide their stay between rustic campsites and comfortable vacation rentals. Laundry and a hot shower a few times a week has become a necessity since their trips seem to get longer and longer every summer.

Camping with The Toads

With a tent trailer, a cooler and a bucket full of sand toys, the Jensens are set for a week of memory making, starting off at the Lemon Creek Pioneer Campground. A walk north up the rail trail from Lemon creek puts them smack in the middle of the Walter Clough Wildlife Sanctuary in hope of catching a glimpse of an eagle, moose, elk, deer, swan, otter, beavers or a turtle.

Next up, Camp Valhalla just in time for Toad Fest! That’s right, Toad Fest is an annual gathering where participants help baby toads leave the lake and cross the highway to their other home in the forest adjacent to Summit Lake. Then it is on to Burton Historical Park Campground, with breathtaking views of three valleys and a lake that seems to stretch on forever.

Goin’ for a Float

It’s a rite of passage for anyone who visits the Slocan Valley – a swim in the Slocan River. After a dip in the back-eddy at Crescent Beach, the Jensens book a guided trip down the Slocan River with Endless Adventures. With lifejackets for the family and doubling down on the sunscreen, it’s great to head out and see Valley life from the riverside.

Cool Town, Iced Anything

Summers in the Arrow Slocan can get hot, with many days reaching up to the high 30’s. When it’s too hot to stay at the campsite and they need a break from the beach, you can find the Jensens enjoying something cold in the shade of one of New Denver’s parks. Favourite stops? Iced coffee from Nuru Coffee Bar in New Denver, or a freshly made sandwhich from The Apple Tree Sandwich Shop down the street.

Farmers Markets

Taking a few nights out at a restaurant every week, the Jensens like to do the rest of their dining with fresh veggies, ready made meals and tasty treats from the local farmers markets in the Village of Slocan and Nakusp. For anything missing there is always Evergreen Market in Crescent Valley and Gaia Tree in Winlaw After pouring over the offerings, the active Jensens most often settle for a pie from the Pie Lady and grill up some local zucchini, pairing it with a bottle of wine from Nakusp winery Valley of the Springs.

Local Stories

Explore like a local and visit as if Arrow Slocan is a second home. Relaxation is your goal? Outdoor adventure? Immerse in arts and culture or dig into Arrow Slocan’s deep rooted past. Whatever your choice may be, let this local intel guide your trip…