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Photo by Lucas Jmieff - Nemo Creek in Arrow Slocan

Spring is Waterfall season

Finding the best waterfalls in Arrow Slocan is worth the adventure. There is nothing better than the stillness of the forest contrasted with the sound of rushing water. In spring, the rivers and creeks are at their fullest with snowmelt and rainfall. This means the region’s waterfalls are in their glory.

For those explorers at heart, get out and try and find some uncovered natural wonders. For those that like a nudge in the right direction, here are a few of the Arrow Slocan favourites.

Ione Falls

Short on time or less enticed by a traipse through the woods? Ione Falls is right off the highway at the rest stop between Nakusp and Halcyon Hot Springs.

Directions: The falls are tucked away from the sight of Highway #23, 19 km north of Nakusp.  On entering the rest stop, you will be greeted by the falls. When the flow is high, expect to get wet from spray at the base of the 18 meter waterfall.

Ione Falls between Nakusp and Halcyon, BC

Springer Creek Falls

The network of trails allows hiking up the creek from falls to falls. To access alpine views of the Slocan Valley, take the 4×4 road on the north side of the creek. 

Directions: Start at the campground in Slocan, cross the highway and follow the trail.

Wilson Creek Falls

Trailhead: East Wilson Creek FSR
Distance, round trip: 2.4 km or 30 minute walk in each direction
Elevation: +140 m trail elevation
Difficulty: Easy

The trailhead is reached by travelling up the East Wilson Creek FSR, near Rosebery, BC. After driving this good 2WD road for 11.5 km, a signed junction points up a rougher road towards the falls. The last 1 km of road is rougher and narrow, but should be drivable for most vehicles. 

Wilson Creek Falls, Slocan Valley
Wilson Creek Falls, Slocan Valley, BC

Evans Creek Falls

Trailhead: Slocan City – west side of south end of Slocan Lake
Distance, round trip: 17 km round trip
Elevation gained: +400 m
Difficulty: Moderate. Slippery when wet.
Note: Dogs are permitted in this part of Valhalla Provincial Park, but must be on-leash at all times.

The falls are located in Valhalla Provincial Park and can be accessed by either foot or boat. 

Parking for the trailhead is on the Main Street in Slocan near the beach, rail trail and river. To reach the trailhead, walk across the bridge spanning Slocan River via Park Avenue and then turn right on Slocan North Road, walking until you reach the dead end. You will find the trailhead here.

To access by foot, hike to Evans Creek along the west shore of Slocan Lake on the South Evan’s Beach trail. The trail is very scenic along Slocan Lake, but is not recommended if it’s raining since sections of the trail cross fields of boulders that become treacherously slippery when wet. To access by boat, land at the Evans Creek Recreation site and follow the trail to the falls.

Nemo Creek Falls

These are boat accessed waterfalls located approximately mid-point along the west side of Slocan Lake. (Find the trail 19.5 km from to north end of Slocan Lake or 20 km north of Slocan City)

Distance: 4 km round trip
Elevation gained: 905m
Access: Boat access only. If canoeing or kayaking, the closest launch is at the south end of Silverton where there is lots of free parking.

Besides offering stunning views of the lake, the trail passes near an old trapper’s cabin and some interesting rock formations. Once at Nemo Creek, the waterfall loop is short and easy. There’s a number of impressive falls.

Photo by Lucas Jmieff - Nemo Creek in Arrow Slocan
Nemo Creek lower Falls along Slocan Lake’s West Shore, Valhalla Park, BC.
Photo by Lucas Jmieff

Fosthall Falls

Accessed by boat, these falls are found a short hike up the trail from Fosthall Bay on Fosthall Creek. The Bay has a recreation site with some camping close to the creek.

Pingston Falls

These falls are visible from the lake and easily accessed by boat. The falls can also be found by navigating the forest services roads south of Shelter Bay with a four wheel drive vehicle. The river mouth has a recreation site.