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Rail Trails

The rail trail network connects the Arrow Slocan north-south up the Slocan Valley to Nakusp and east to Three Forks, then further on to Sandon. These scenic trails showcase incredible only in Arrow Slocan scenery away from highways, through wilderness, past historical sites, next to roaring rivers and through charming communities.

There are many rail trail access points dotted through the region that are ideal for gentle walks, longer hikes or bike rides. Pick your route and distance, then enjoy.

More rail trail options are available. Find the beta using Trailforks or Gaia GPS.

Where to Stay

Book accommodation by the access point of the rail trail, make a multi-day itinerary, or go car free for the duration of your stay.

Air BnB has a variety of options available through the whole region. Options convenient to the trail heads are listed below.

Slocan Valley Rail Trail

Frog Peak Guesthouse is across the street from where the gravel portion of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail starts in Crescent Valley.

Valhalla Pines Campground & Guesthouse is a 10 minute bike ride or a 4 minute drive from the Passmore trailhead of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

Paradise Valley Lodge is located a 10 min walk from the Winlaw trailhead of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

Raven’s Perch is a short walk from the Winlaw trailhead of the Slocan Valley rail trail.

Karibu Park Cottages & Campground backs onto the Slocan Valley Rail Trail near the Winlaw trailhead. The trail is accessed from the property.

Lemon Creek Pioneer Campground is a 5 minute walk from two access points to the Slocan Valley Rail Trail at Lemon Creek.

Springer Creek Campground is on the edge of Slocan City and has easy access to the northern most end of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

The Col Guesthouse is in the heart of Slocan City, a short walk to the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

Driftwood is located right near the lake in Slocan City and a short walk away from the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

Galena, Old Sandon Rd & South N&S Rail Trail

Adventure Domes is located in New Denver right between the access points for the Galena, Old Sandon and N&S rail trails that run adjacent to town.

N&S Rail Trail

Smiling Hills Cabin is located in Hills and has close access to the southern end of the N&S Rail Trail that connects to New Denver and Nakusp.

Camp Valhalla is located on Summit Lake across from the N&S Rail Trail that runs the eastern side of Summit Lake.

Brouse Creek BnB is a 5 minute walk from the Brouse Loop rd entrance to the N&S Rail Trail just south of Nakusp.

Riders Retreat backs onto the northern end of the N&S rail trail just outside Nakusp.

In Nakusp

Additional options exist in and around Nakusp such as Canyon Court Motel, Leland Hotel, Selkirk Inn and Nakusp Municipal Campground.

N&S Rail Trail – Updates

The rail trail has some areas that are currently being remediated. A little planning is required. Out and back routes are also an option for those not wanting to navigate challenges.

From south of the marsh midway between Summit Lake and Rosebery, the trail is clear and passable with only minor wet areas. The trail is passable without issue from Brouse Loop Rd to the Summit Lake, before the marsh at the south end.

If wishing to travel the whole length of the trail in one go, here are the challenges to be aware of:

* There is a washout just outside Nakusp. The parking lot a little out of town at Brouse Loop rd has access to the out of town portion of the trail heading south to Summit Lake. The trail can be travelled within Nakusp as far as the washout.

* At the south end of Summit Lake, the marsh has flooded the rail trail. It is passable, but feet may get wet depending on current water levels. Conditions can change with beaver activity and varying water levels during the summer. To avoid this flooding, trail users can exit the rail trail at the north end of Summit Lake and access the rail trail where it crosses Hwy 6 at the south end of the lake. Work is planned to remediate this section in the fall of 2021.

* Midway between Summit Lake and Slocan Lake is another marsh where the beavers have flooded a 200 meter section of the rail trail. A significant section of the rail trail has washed away and water can be too deep to navigate by any means, foot, bike or quad. A seasonal bypass has been built around this section – completion was expected for late summer 2021.

* About 1/2 km north of Summit Lake, a landowner has blocked access to the section of trail which traverses their property. There is a crude go around to the east their property. Another option is to access the highway north of the barricade, ride on the highway and then access the rail trail again at the north end of Summit Lake.