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The Artist


Mike – The Artist

Discover the natural side of an artist’s creativity.

Since striking out 10 years ago to make his home in the Arrow Slocan, Mike has enjoyed the artist life lived outside the lines.  It’s hard to spend a day around Winlaw and not catch a glimpse of Mike’s infectious smile or his guitar playing presence at one live music nights at local hang-out Mama Sita’s.

Culinary Escapades

Mike will be the first to tell you, he’d rather be painting than cooking and has no problem eating out for most of his meals. You can’t just settle on one restaurant! Get the best of all worlds at Frog Peak Café in Crescent Valley for eggs benedict, Sunday gatherings at the Valley Kitchen and Mama Sita’s for quinoa bowls. Why not be on a strict restaurant schedule?

Treasure Hunting

After relocating from the city, Mike was worried he might be stuck without the vintage and boutique shops he had come to love, but Arrow Slocan never fails to keep him intrigued. In Winlaw alone, he finds unique homewares and funky clothes at Rambling Rose, unbelievable gifts for his nieces at Spinning Fables and an organic world of tasty snacks from Gaia Tree.

Studio Sessions

Whenever Mike needs a break from the project of the moment, he heads over to one of the many open artist studios for a little multi-disciplinary inspiration. From heating things up at Wildfire Glass, to connecting with the clay masters at work at Still Point Pottery. With the myriad of pop-up markets and shops every weekend, as an artist he’s rarely at a loss for inspiration. To see what other artists across the region have been up to, he immerses himself in the Silverton Gallery or Studio Connexion in Nakusp.


Emery Herbals, Winlaw
Emery Herbals Botanical Dispensary, Healing Suites and Teaching Centre.

The Art of Hosting

Since Mike moved up to the mountains, friends can’t help but want to come and visit. Who can blame them – it’s amazing up here! Whenever out of town guests need a little more space than his live/work studio can afford, he likes to point them to the most creative stays around, like the peaceful farmhouse or yurt at Hummingbird Art Farm and the charming cabin of Slocan’s Ripple Retreat.

Life Inside A Painting

As a landscape painter, autumn is Mike’s favourite time to go hiking in the mountains. The larches and maples have burst into colour, the sun is still bright, and the air is so fresh it tingles your nose. Through daily walks on the 52 km flat Slocan Valley Rail Trail, or by capturing the stunning views from Idaho Peak, Mike loves being a low key guide to high vista adventures.

Local Stories

Explore like a local and visit as if Arrow Slocan is a second home. Relaxation is your goal? Outdoor adventure? Immerse in arts and culture or dig into Arrow Slocan’s deep rooted past. Whatever your choice may be, let this local intel guide your trip…